Lifetime Members

Ad 2 Lifetime Members

Who can become a lifetime member?

Lifetime membership is available to any individual who has been involved with Ad 2 and who is at least 33 years old, or who has served as a local board member, local chair, or national chair. Individuals may become a lifetime member, or a group may nominate an individual.

How much does lifetime membership cost?

$1,500 one-time fee

OR 12 auto monthly payments of $150

What are the advantages of lifetime membership?

As a lifetime member, you will:

    • Continue your legacy of leadership by supporting the next generation of leaders in the advertising industry
    • Designate $500 of your donation will go to the Ad 2 Club of your choice
    • Receive an Ad 2 National Lapel Pin
    • Be promoted on, with links to your LinkedIn and/or company
    • Have the opportunity to write a blog for noting what you do and why you donated
    • Have the opportunity to be featured on Ad 2 National’s social media
    • Get priority consideration to judge the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition at ADMERICA and to present at Mid-Year and ADMERICA conferences
    • Become part of the Ad 2 National Lifetime Members Group on LinkedIn
    • Receive regular communication from Ad 2 National, including:
      • Access to the annual Ad 2 National Alumni Newsletter
      • Annual financial reporting to show how your investment helps Ad 2 serve and develop the advertising industry’s next generation of leaders
    • Receive $20 of ADMERICA Raffle Tickets each year you attend ADMERICA
    • Be honored at the Ad 2 National Induction Ceremony at ADMERICA

How does Ad 2 National use the dues from lifetime membership?

When you become a lifetime member, we use your dues to support programming for young advertising, marketing, and creative professionals in leadership, organization management, thoughtful creative process, and public service—areas essential for preparing them for a lifetime of leadership and success in our industry. Your investment in lifetime membership ensures that the next generation of advertising leaders always has a place to unleash their full potential and rise to tomorrow’s challenge.

How can I update my contact information / what if I have other questions?

Contact Katie Dirks at

Ad 2 Lifetime Members:
We have a select few individuals who have gone above and beyond to support Ad 2 through the years. For their continued commitment and support of Ad 2, we recognize the following Ad 2 Lifetime Members: