Club Resources

Documents, Templates, Rules, and More

This section of the site is dedicated to providing club leaders with the tools and assets they need to have a successful year. As time goes on and needs change, more will be added. If you’d like to see anything added to this section, please contact your Executive Committee Mentor.

Public Service

The cornerstone of Ad 2, our Public Service efforts leverage our talents and resources to make a difference in our chapters' communities across the nation. Find competition rules, a suggested outline, the judges' score sheet, and previous winners here.

Club Achievement

The AAF Club Achievement competition is a way to earn national recognition for your chapter's hard work in the Eight Core Initiatives. Find the most recent Call for Entries here.


Each year, Ad 2 hosts two national events: Mid-Year Retreat and the Ad 2 portion of ADMERICA, including the Public Service Competition. Find all the information you need below!

Club Documents

Ever find yourself wondering, “Where do I start?” AAF has developed several PDFs and starter documents on different topics that will help you better understand many of the fantastic facets of running an AAF-affiliated Ad 2 club.