Advertisers love acronyms and the American Advertising Federation is no different. That’s why we have the COG and the AHOA and so many others. Today, we’re going to break it down for you!
What is the COG?

COG stands for Council of Governors. The American Advertising Federation local chapters vote on a representative from each District and Region. Each of these representatives, including Ad 2 (holler!), have voting seats on the Council of Governors which is run by a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair. The Council of Governor Chair, Regional Chairs, and Ad 2 rep each have a voting position on the AAF Board of Directors.

Chair Marissa Deslatte attends the AAF Council of Governors meeting in San Francisco, CA

Both the COG and BoD (Board of Directors) meet three times a year:

  • Fall COG/BoD tied with the AHOA
  • Spring COG/BoD tied with the AHOF (more on this next quarter!)

Both the COG and BoD fiscal is aligned with AAF and Ad 2 National: July – June. The spring prior to officially joining the board, there is also a COG Training in D.C. The Ad 2 National Vice Chair attends this every year. Look out for Kris’ blog about attending in early 2018!

Okay, got it, but what in the world does AHOA mean?
AHOA stands for the Advertising Hall of Achievement and it is amazing! This is one of the most inspiring events I’ve had the honor to attend. Tickets are pricey for a young professional budget, but the Ad 2 National Chair is invited each fall and attends during the Fall COG meeting. The location of this event alternates every year and this year it was held in San Francisco, California. This bicoastal event is the gold standard for advertising leaders aged 40 and under. It is operated by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and they just hosted their 25th event in 2017.

Advertising Hall of Achievement 2017 Inductees (Photo Credit: AAF)

The class inducted each year is not just leading the advertising industry, these individuals are making huge impacts in their communities through philanthropic work. Seriously, when you hear their acceptance speech you are shocked and feel like you can never call yourself busy again!

Out of all nominees, the judges choose one of the members being inducted to receive a special award: Jack Avrett Volunteer Spirit Award. This is awarded to the person whose efforts extends beyond their peers and contributes to the bettering of both the advertising industry and their community.

The event attendees are as impressive as the inducting class. There are over 600 c-suite and senior level business leaders in advertising attending. This is where all young professionals should aim to be! For more information on the 2017 class, check out this press release.

Marissa and her boyfriend in San Francisco

The AAF is now accepting nominations for the 2018 class. These nominations are due by April 2018.
To nominate, please visit the AAF website here.

We would love to see some Ad 2 (past or present!) join that elite group on stage one year.
And, based on the leaders we have this year, I know we will!

Cheers to giving back, dreaming big, and obtaining goals, friends!
Marissa Deslatte – Ad 2 National Chair (2017-2018)


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