Marissa Deslatte is our 2017-2018 Chair. This is her fourth year on the board. Like all Ad 2 National Executive Board members, she has previously served as a president of the local chapter: Ad 2 Houston. However, now she lives in Dallas, Texas and is a part of Ad 2 Dallas.

In her role as Ad 2 Chair, she also sits on the Council of Governors and AAF Board of Directors. Besides these roles, she also sites on the AAF District 10 Executive Committee and AAF District Foundation.

She is a Senior Corporate Brand Manager at Nobilis Health where she oversees the corporate brands, including their facilities, and all of their joint advertising agreements. She has been with Nobilis Health for nearly four years and what she loves the most about her job is educating others, specifically physician partners, about advertising.

In previous roles, she worked on strategy, media planning, and media buying at advertising agencies. Her favorite thing about advertising is that it is always evolving. She currently loves the data that is available to target the right consumer and tell a story they want to hear–the story of your brand.


For fun, Marissa enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time with her furbaby, Boo Boo.

She calls Boo Boo, “Ad Boo” and has unofficially named him the 2017-2018 Ad 2 Mascot. We’d love to see our other Ad 2 Mascots. Email Marissa photos of your pup, their name, and your Ad 2 chapters’ name so we can feature them later this year:

Want to know Marissa a bit better? Get to know her on social media:







And, you know that crazy dog mom made an Instagram for her dog, Boo Boo, so be sure to follow him, too:

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