Every year in June at ADMERICA, we select a new Executive Board for Ad 2 National. While all board members must be voted in, we typically only add one new team member to the board: Secretary. The Ad 2 National Secretary is expected to serve for four years and work up the Ad 2 National Executive Board ladder from Secretary to Treasurer to Vice Chair to Chair to Immediate Past Chair.

This year, we welcomed outgoing Ad 2 DC President Katie Dirks on the Ad 2 National Executive Board. 

Katie has been involved with Ad 2 since 2014, and credits Ad 2 with helping her land her position as Senior Marketing Coordinator at Remedy Health Media in Arlington, Virginia. Katie came up through Ad 2 Public Service, working on the Ad 2 DC Public Service Committee for two years before serving as a Co-Chair for Ad 2 DC’s 2015-2016 Public Service Campaign, which went on to win the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition at ADMERICA 2016 in Anaheim, CA.

Katie served as President of Ad 2 DC in 2016-2017, and under her leadership, Ad 2 DC was named Ad 2 National’s Most Excellent Club of 2017. This year, she serves as our National Secretary, where she handles documentation of all meetings, all email communication, and mentors the Eastern Region clubs.

We are all so excited to have Katie on the Ad 2 National Executive Board and she’s jumped right into the work with some great ideas. You can email Katie at Secretary@Ad2.org.

Together with the rest of the board, she is happy to serve our 24 Ad 2 chapters and 1,500+ members this year!






And, what fun is group photos without outtakes:







Special thanks to our in-kind sponsor Ambra B Photography. She is offering all Ad 2 clubs a discounted rate. She is based in the Dallas area but is willing to travel. Contact her on Facebook or Instagram for more information. 

Later, we plan to feature our chapters and their board–submit photos with your board member’s name, your club’s name, and your club website to chair@ad2.org to be featured on the blog later this year.

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